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Poster: Uncle_John Date: Sep 30, 2019 6:18am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What if no Hunter?

ColdRain - I generally agree with your point, but would accord quite a bit more credit to the rest of the band. Certainly Garcia/Hunter were the essential, irreplaceable element, but would the Dead or something like it really have evolved and lasted to the extent that we would still discuss their music today if Jerry had assembled a band with a different group of musicians?

Phil's avant-garde sensibilities were certainly an essential element. And many of Weir's songs were solidly at the core of their repertoire. Plus he provided an essential counterpoint with his unique approach to the 'rhythm guitar' role, and his showmanship.

Seems to me that in an alternate, non-Dead, universe Garcia would have made interesting and engaging music, regardless. Even moreso with Hunter as a songwriting partner. But the core members of the Dead somehow managed to develop a magical synergy that was far greater than any one of its parts.

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